A good week

I predict that this week will be a good one:-)

Heck, I already have a bunch of things lined up for you, so please enjoy.

Today we have a project I've been working on...

The Photo Mosaic...

a mini version

Here's the 'big picture':

Thanks guys for helping me pick the right picture, I think it's going to turn out spectacularly :-)

Some info on the mosaic....

  • Created the print using free software fromandreaplanet.com
  • Comprised of approximately2200 800 tiles chosen from a collection of about 550 images relating myStanford experience!
  • Yes, there are repeats.
  • I allowed the program to adjust the color of each tile to help fit the 'big picture'.
  • Will be printed as a 3ft by 2ft poster and put it up in my room :-)
  • Kinkos will do this for $4 per square foot. Others want $8/sq.ft. I'm going to need an alternative...The alternative is --Walgreens, 30"x20" for $20 I can live with that :-)-- I'm going to go withImagers. They'll do the 36"x 24" for $33 and with a super quick turn around!!
  • Each tile will be about.75" x .5" 1"x.75" when printed out
  • The full size version isa 60Mb, 60 megapixel 80Mb, 97 megapixel jpeg. This achieves over 320dpi for the print size.

Some info on the 'big picture':

  • I used the "smart blur" photoshop filter on the original to decrease the detail. the mosaics come out better on pictures that have solid patches of color.
  • I also photoshopped out some of shadows from the original because in the mosaic the shadows were confusing.
  • The 'big picture' is really small, i think this helps keep the mosaic simple.

On Wednesday I will show you another project I've been working on :-)

--Quake III vs. Unreal Tournament

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