First,Ryan has found arediculously funnyvideo!!

Next, please welcomemaulik_81! Maybe this site should be a refuge for Maulik's born in 1981 :-P

Next, I've been struggline with theparameters of that photomosaic program. After I solved that, I had to figure outprinting.

The winner was aprinting lab at ASU! Only $3.00/sqft. That knocks the socks off everything else...assuming, of course, that the competitors do indeed wear socks.

In any case, I am relieved that the photomosaic project will be reaching completion before Thanksgiving.

Final measurements:

  • 36"x 24"
  • ~1250 tiles, made from ~430 images
  • each tile is ~1" across
  • 150 Megapixel image, well over 300ppi
  • Cost: $18

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