So the internets have been buzzing with a vareity of Do-It-Yourself wallets for quite some time now. I thought I'd share my approach and results.

I had seen a bunch of designs online, but none that focussed on being thin and having the 'quickdraw' feature. By 'quickdraw', I mean that little hole in your driver's license card holder that let's you easily push the front card out of the holder. I use cards anywhere I can and one card in particular. Since I'm using that one card 99% of the time, I figured I'd build my wallet around that. I built it and I loved it! The downside was that it looked awful :-P The snow-camoflauge canvas was too silly and gave up too many threads to make it look decent.

I wanted to remake it in nylon, but basically found too many things on my plate. I ended up switching to the European All-ett. It's strikingly thin. Apparently nylon is much thinner than canvas, and in a wallet, every millimeter matters.

Will I try to make my design out of nylon? Probably not anytime soon, but maybe someday!

Posted: November 19, 2007 | | comments