This page now features links to mixes used in various performances, as well as other creative productions!

Draam-Raas - mp3 - Mela 2002

A hindi movie compressed down to ~8min :-) Featuring the voices of Charu Gupta, Ryan Barrett, Ken Ashcraft, Nathan Stoll, Surag Mantri, The Real Chris Lee, Julie Letchner, and myself. The end product was a dance performance led by Alap Jani and myself at Stanford's South Asian Cultural Show in the Spring of 2002.

Raas Maasters - mp3 - Mela 2001

A Mix of Dholna, Dillagi and a tune from Mission Kashmir to create a (insanely?) fast raas mix for Mela 2001. The dance was led by Alap Jani and myself.

Jungle Raas - mp3 - Mela 2000

Sidd Kakodkar started the trend of "creative" raas at Stanford with this piece of raas music featuring, among others, a few rifts from White Zombie!

Sidd Kakodkar's Ramayana - mp3

Originally Performed at Stanford's Diwali Show 2000, we re-performed it in the 2001 Diwali show . This is the most unique version of the Ramayana you'll ever hear - as it is done in the style of the "Kung-Fu Musical". All lyrics and music were written and recorded by Sidd and he had some help from Nisha Kachoilia

VanderBilt's Taal - South Asian Acappela

A troupe of co-Ed South Asian Acappela from Vanderbilt University. Featuring talent from my cousin Niti and some management stylings from my cousin Pooja Here's a few cuts from their album:

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