Eleven Rings

By: Phil Jackson - Available at Amazon

It was fascinating to hear about the behind the scenes drama of the teams I followed so closely in the 90's. Phil seems to coach at a pretty meta level, either that, or he just left the x's and o's out of the script. He focused so much on the individual personalities of players, their interactions with each other and the overall team dynamics. His strategy for building teams seems proven, though later in his career I felt like he didn't take as much responsibility for failures. This makes me feel like his luck with environment played a bigger role than he admits in the book. There's the lot to internalize from this book, building high functioning teams is an amazing skill. One last oddity, Phil didn't narrate the book. Hearing first person accounts was odd because I know what Phill is supposed to sound like.

Posted: November 23, 2013 | | comments