Meed is a set of python classes that run this site.

It was born out of a desire for entries (content) to be typed and contain metadata. Ideally, a type should be inferred from the metadata an entry has. Why? Because content can and should be rendered in different ways. For example, any entry that includes a location is mappable. Any entry with an ISBN belongs as part of the [Reading Log(

In any case, this is my big idea for a CMS, I hereby copyright, copyleft and copy-up-the-middle it ... but if you beat me to a ready-for-the-public implementation, cheers!

Meed was also born out of the frustration that sites like Amazon and Yelp hold the content that millions have created. A more author-friendly model might allow the author to maintain a site and allow Amazon and Yelp accurately retrieve reviews. This model allows the author to contribute to such sites while still being able to present their total contribution to their friends via RSS.

Posted: February 23, 2010 | | comments