Time Tracking

At this point, I suppose this qualifies as a hobby more than a project. I've written a couple of tools to help me figure out what I'm actually up to when I'm using a computer. Both are pretty rough around the edges and don't have any analytics built-in, but if I find an easy-to-use mechanism, perhaps I'll add them. Of course, there are many such time-tracking tools out there, but alas, either they don't work like I'd like them to, or they're for the wrong OS. One uniqe approach is to use IM status messages, courttesy of Ryan's Big Brother Tool.

The first is an java app that sits in your system tray and asks you what you're doing at regular intervals. The idea here is that you can log which projects you're working on, etc. I call it 'Mippet' as it's Maulik's snippet tracking tool.

The second tool is a python script (Tkinter GUI) that passively logs the title of whichever window has your focus. Such a python script for windows can be found here, but if you're a linux user, you'll need this tool. It's called ... umm ... ActiveTitleLogger.

The key command that retrieves the title of the active windows is this:

xprop -root _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW|cut -d SPACE -f 5| \

xargs -0 -I {} xprop -id {} WM_NAME

And the command that let's you know if the screen is locked is this:

gnome-screensaver-command -q |grep inactive|wc -l

Posted: October 05, 2009 | | comments