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Turkey 2014 - April 2014

We headed to Turkey for a couple of weeks and experienced over 3000 years of history while having a blast!

Chad and Cary - October 2013

"Appreciate the Initiative" collaborates with the Jabbawockeez! For another camera angle, click here, or even a another angle. Multiple angles on a wedding performance ... the future is now.

Bop - May 2012

We made up this video at Nilay and Shailee's Reception pretty much on the spot. Super fun :-)

A-Team III - October 2011

Can the A-Team help find a girl for Vinesh? To find out, watch this 48-minute production. It completes a trilogy that began a long time ago (7 years), in a galaxy far, far away (Stanford). This film also pioneers the field of distributed movie production. To jump to my scene, click here.

Spring Olympics 2011 - May 2011

Weather permits a last minute Spring Olympics! Hooray!

Nikesh and Ami - November 2010 -

Nikesh and Ami are wedded! "Appreciate the Initiative" makes multiple appearances! Garba, Jaan, and Reception. Official highlights now availble here!

Kenon and Beth - October 2010

A little pre-celebration for Kenon and Beth!

Smitha and Neil - May 2010

Smith and Neil double up Sikh and Telegu wedding ceremonies over Memorial Day weekend!

Jigar and Reshma - May 2010 -

Here are links to the "Appreciate The Initative" performing at the Garba and their Reception Entrance.

Spring Olympics 2010 - March 2010

So, so, so much fun in the sun! Thanks to all the olympians who came out! Here's the full story and the full video playlist.

Tanay and Neepa - February 2010

Congratulations to Tanay and Neepa, the wedding was in India and tons of fun! Thanks to Animoto for helping with the video.

Big Island - December 2009

20 minutes of video from our vacation to Hawaii!

Raju and Kalpesh - November 2009

Raju and Kalpesh go from garba to married in 5 minutes! Here are the Ganesh Stuti and Friends' Dance too!

Shivani and Neal - November 2009

Shivani and Neal double up on the wedding ceremonies and have a raging reception! Here's the Friends' Dance and the end of the night! Full Highlights!

Guest Bathroom - September 2009

Fun times with a hammer and timelapse photography ... ok perhaps not quite that dramatic.

Yosemite 2009 - August 2009

An adventure to remember - challenge and hilarity, what else do you want!?

Raas All-Stars National Championships - April 2009 -

Amazing raas teams vie for the title: "National Champions"! The best part? The teams combined to put on a collaborative dance! Official home of Raas All-Stars.

Sarjita Birthday - January 2009

Fun times on the slopes of Snowbowl ... the video culminates in a memorable tumble.

Argentina - December 2008

30min of Video from Honeymoon Part 2. Jump to the parts that you like:

Ken and Tina - September 2008

Napa Valley hosts the marriage of Ken and Tina - shot with my Canon point and shoot.

Inaugural Dinner - July 2008

Youtube introduces captioning and speech bubbles, adds life to this style.

Nick and Maureen - June 2008

A beautiful wedding by Lake Tahoe that I shot with the video slideshow style using only my point and shoot Canon.

Disney World - May 2008

20min of Video from Honeymoon Part 1. Jump to the parts that you like:

Wedding Videos - May 2008

Highlight videos from our wedding!

Garba ( views !!), Wedding Ceremony, and Reception!

Payal and Haren - April 2008

Payal and Haren's was the first wedding I shot actualy video and edited together on my Linux machine! The video all came from my point and shoot Canon.

Garba With Attitude - February 2008

A series of dances performed at Garba With Attitude 2008.

Engagement Videos - October 2007

More of this style of video. These were difficult to make as most of the pictures were cobbled together from photo collections of friends and family.

Vanderbilt Diwali - October 2007

I guess the style works for stage events as well.

Heemesh and Sneha Video - September 2007

A 'video' of Heemesh and Sneha's wedding that has since become a staple of my event photography. I also can't believe it has over 2000 views! :-) Read more about the wedding here, or about the video here.

Vanderbilt Diwali - October 2006

Full-length video from the show!

Dishoom - April 2005

A spectacular adaptation of Stomp whose performance rocked the party at Aashiyaana's 2005 dance competition.


A-Team II - May 2004

Another episode in the lives of the A-Team. One year later, they are called to duty by a mystery patron. Hilarity ensues.

Zoolander - August 2003

A quality production, coming out of the UofA Medical School, was produced to welcome the incoming med school class. It features Mr. Zoolander describing exactly what it's like to go to medical school.

WMV Version

Blind Marriage and the ET Trailer - May 2002

My first video! Shown at Stanford's South Asian Cultural Show - Mela 2002. In it, I play the host of a spoof of Blind Date. During the commercial break, you'll see what would have happened on ET's first day of college. Blind Date stars Sridhar Dronavali, Radhika Gupte and me (Maulik). The ET trailer stars Rajen Desai, Surag Mantri, and Ashwini Sagar. Plus a little help from Noah Barron.

The A-Team - May 2002

Considered, by most, to be the finest Mela Video ever. This phenomenal version of Ocean's 11 was supposed to be aired at Mela 2003...but instead made its debut at the banquet. In any case, it shows that the next generation of Mela Video makers know what they're doing...though I heard they had some help from the fore fathers. Props to Father Adit Koolwal, Amit Patel, and Vinesh Patel.

Draam-Raas - May 2002

A "creative" production for Stanford's spring show, Mela 2002. This raas not only does the dance, but also tells the tale of the boys, girls, and gundas (thugs) of a small town in India...translation, a humorous hindi film compressed into 9 minutes! This skit features the pre-recorded voice of me and my friends, and the lip synching performances of more of my peeps. The dance itself was choreographed by Alap Jani and me, Maulik :-) Note: this was also my last dance in my Stanford Mela career! - mp3

Underground Indians - May 2002

This 15 min film was created in 2001 by Arun Kishan, Adit Koolwal, and Ranganath Surdarshan. However, it didn't make its debut until 2002. The film tells the story of three individuals' encounters with a mainstream south asian college crowd. I have a tiny role as "bhangra boy" :-P

Mission Impossible - The F.O.B. Also rises - May 2002

Another quality video masterminded by Arun Kishan, Adit Koolwal and Ranganath Sudarshan. A two part adventure of a couple of f.o.b.'s trying to get ladki's.

Bhangra + Raas = Bhangraas - February 2002

An interesting experiment in combining both dances :-)


Raas Maasters Live! - May 2001

I was a co-team-leader, with Alap Jani, for this raas in Mela 2001. This was my rookie year in the world of choreography and teaching, but I think it turned out well, what do you think? - mp3

Filmistery Live! - May 2001

My debut as a filmi dancer :-P You probably wont be able tell which one is me though. The dance was led by Surag Mantri and Sai Patil in Stanford's Mela 2001.

Bhangra - Rhythms 2001 - February 2001

A recording of my second attempt at Bhangra. Performed live at Stanford's FirstMutilcultural Dance Showcase in 2001. I'm the one in turquoise :-) The dance was led by Nidhi Gupta and Alan Bisarya

Sidd Kakakodkar's Ramayana - November 2001

Originally Performed at Stanford's Diwali Show 2000, we re-performed it in the 2001 Diwali show and recorded it for "posterity". This is the most unique version of the Ramayana you'll ever see - as it is done in the style of the "Kung-Fu Musical". All lyrics and music were written and recorded by Sidd and he had some help from Nisha Kachoilia. In this re-performance, I got to play Ram and do a little "Bharat Natyam". - mp3

Mahabharat - A retelling - November 2000

A retelling of the story of the thirsty Pandavas, originally known as Yaksha Prashna. The trick to this film is that it's a stop motion filme starring action figures as the mighty Pandavas.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - May 1999

A peculiar episode of the game show, starring Vijay Myneni as the f.o.b. who has the chance to become a Millionaire! Presented at Mela 2000.

High-Quality Low-Quality

The Mastercard Video - May 1999

Brought to you by Adit Koolwal and Ranganath Stanford, this hilarious piece shows you the price of going to Stanford vs. Berkeley. First Presented at Mela 2000

High-Quality Low-Quality

MTV's TRL presented Desi Style

Brought to you by San Jose State, this piece features re-productions of popular music videos with a desi influence. Features an appearance by Luda-Krishna. Re-Productions include: Peaches n' Cream => Roti and Daal, Thug for life => Thugpreet for life, and Area Codes => Codes in different Languages.

Windows Media Player Quicktime

Khabi Hero, Khabi Zero

Coming out out of Cornell, this video features a 15 minute Hindi film...basically how quickly they are supposed to be told. This is also the only Hindi film featuring a desi-Neo (a la Matrix), bhangra ninja's, and Scooby-Doo as an incarnation of God, lol. Cheese flies around, from left to right and back again, so be warned! Thank you V-Factor for sharing.

Brown Face

A Montage of (mis)representations of South Asian Culture and Identity in mainstream media. Not particularly good quality video, but it gets a few points across. Features clips from the simpsons and Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom, and many others.



A very weird and comical conversation between teacher and student. A sample of the creativity fostered at "The Oval Show".

Cheaters - Curry Edition

A special edition of Cheaters created especially for a certain special couple on a particularly special milestone in Nick's long, long, long life. Viewer discretion is strongly, strongly advised!

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