I am certain every digital shutter-bug has their own workflow for archiving and sharing their digital photos. My workflow maintains an archive of every photo I take, organized by date, and a second set of albums that are for sharing. In the past, I would need to manually copy the photos that I wanted to share and then use and application to generate the web pages/thumbnails etc. so that I could share these pictures. I wanted to streamline my workflow into a single application.

So I present: MAlbum: Maulik's Album application :-P


  • Quick and easy graphical interface for creating a web album
    • The GUI's kinda tasty too!
  • Quickly add captions to photos
  • Easily add/remove photos from the album
  • Cross Platform (like Jalbum)
  • Easily maintain an archive of original photos, and build a library of albums to share (like Picasa)
  • Re-open an album, load captions and images and once again add/remove photos and add/remove/change captions
  • Zero Install (executable jar file, <500Kb)

Existing Packages

  • Jalbum
    • Operates on every picture from a single directory. Cannot combine pictures from different directories.
  • Web Album Generator
    • No keyboard shortcut to remove pictures from selection.
    • Web albums do not link to original photos
  • Picasa
    • Cannot add captions, only keywords

Extensions (To Do list)

  • Please note that these may never come into this world...
    but they sure would be nice :-P
  • Archive browser
    • Easily find the photos you want to work on
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Work with the Java Media Framework to work with videos
  • Change the List on the left side to a Tree that would organize by date
  • Separate album generation logic from gui
  • In-gui configurations for defaults and shortcuts
  • Command line operability

Download and Sample

Usage and Requirements

  • Java 1.4.1
  • Windows: Double click on MAlbum.jar
  • *nix: java -jar MAlbum.jar

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