• Mookmark is designed to provide (me) the services of Furl and TinyURL in one tidy package.

    With that tidy intro, I present: Mookmark: Maulik's Bookmarking system :-P

Things That Mookmark Does:

  • Furl let's you save your own bookmarks and access them from anywhere (there are other services, but that's the part I find useful).
  • TinyURL let's you shorten the gigantic urls generated by sites like mapquest into something managable such as Similarly, Mookmark keeps track of your monster url as

Things That Mookmark Does Not Do

  • Umm...pretty much it doesn't do everything not listed above...gotta love double negatives :-P


  • Download the tarball here
  • Included is a little Python script, and couple of necessary .txt files. Please modify the constants at the beginning of the script for maximum configuration!


  • It's not full-featured, but it does the job I need it do!