• Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not really sure how to explain why I wrote Miki...maybe if I list what it does, and what does not do, you will be able to figure out if it's something you would like to use.

    And now, I present:Miki: Maulik's Wiki :-P

Things That Miki Does:

  • Helps you maintain a consistent look and feel for your website.
    • The content is broken up into a header, menu, body, and footer.
    • Miki knows to add the header, footer and menu to every body that you create.
    • Much of the layout is done using CSS.
  • Miki keeps your content in flat files called .miki files.
    • Miki does not use a database, you should never fear losing your data in some un-parseable, database-specific file.
  • It maintains one set of pages in the miki dir.
    • These should be pages that are non-blog content. Such as a howto on hunting moles.
  • Weblog entries are maintained as a different set of pages in the weblog dir.
    • From this directory, Miki will display the few most recent entries on your front page.
  • Miki allows users to leave comments without the hassle of logging in.
  • Miki can be used to format all your content and generate static webpages.
    • Great if you're not allowed to run CGI on in your ISP/university webspace.
  • Miki allows content to be in HTML but has special macros to help you format your content quickly.
    • For example, to create a link, you can simply write:
      [ Pictures.miki ]
      and Miki knows to convert it to:
      <a href=""> Pictures </a>
      Which makes sure you get one of these:

Things That Miki Does Not Do

  • It does not provide a pretty web interface for you to login and update from the net.
    • Use a shell :-P
  • As I said before, there is no use of a database.
    • I don't have enough content to fill a database, and neither should you!
    • Plus, if you're lucky enough to be allowed to run CGI scripts, asking for the use of a database is just pushing it.
    • Plus editing text files is so easy!


  • Download the tarball here


  • This is definitely a work-in-progress, but I am using it to maintain my personal blog. So far I am liking it! There are no ads, no hassle, I can maintain webpages besides my blog and I have no fear of my site mysteriously disappearing! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.